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For those who have obtained certification will be listed under this section.
Below are the ISTQB Certified Testers and IREB Certified in Malaysia.

Certified Testers Directory

Click on any of the following to view the official list of Certified Testers.

ISTQB Certified Tester: Certified Testers Advanced Level (CTAL-ST)

CTAL-ST Cert No. Name
ST-MY0001-18 Beh Chiun Siang
ST-MY0002-18 Mohd Ismail Bin Ahmad Fauzee
ST-MY0003-18 Sohana Binti Osman Kamil
ST-MY0004-18 Muhammad Ikhwan Jambak
ST-MY0005-18 Abdul Razak Bin Abdul Jalil
ST-MY0006-18 Nurul Husna Binti Rosli
ST-MY0007-18 Herman Bin Md Tahir















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