About MSTB’s Quality Software Product Certification Scheme

MSTB`s Quality Software Product Certification Scheme (QS) provides an independent, third-party certification of software products based against international standards.

The scheme is ISO-driven and MSTB as the Scheme Owner and Certification Body certify software product against the following standards:

  • The MSTB quality model conforms to the ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001 which defines 6 quality characteristics of software broken down into 27 sub-characteristics (QS 9126 option) or to the ISO/IEC 25010:2011 (QS 25023 option) which defines 8 quality characteristics of software broken down into 31 sub-characteristics.

  • MSTB software product quality evaluation follows the ISO/IEC TR 9126-2:2003 (QS 9126) or the ISO/IEC 25023:2016 (QS 25023). ISO/IEC TR 9126-2: 2003 is an ISO technical report that provides 112 external metrics to assess the 6 quality characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 9126-1: 2001, whereas the ISO/IEC 25023:2016 is an ISO standard that provides 87 quality measures for measuring attributes of the eight (8) external quality characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 25010:2011

  • MSTB documentation evaluation of software product conforms to ISO/IEC 25051:2006 (QS 9126) or ISO/IEC 25051:2014 (QS 25023) – a standard used to evaluate documentation for Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (COTS) or Ready to Use Software Product (RUSP)

Note 1: Malaysian standard of MS 1883: Part 1:2005 is identical (IDT) to international standard of ISO/IEC 9126-1: 2001 with both standard documents share the same quality model, characteristics and sub characteristics.

Note 2: Malaysian standard of MS 1883: Part 2:2005 is technically identical to international standard of ISO/IEC TR 9126-2:2003 as both share the same external metrics and measurements for the sub characteristics in ISO/IEC 9126-1: 2001.

The Scheme involves four (4) options as described below:

For more detail of the scheme levels, please refer to MSTB QS Product Certification Scheme v3.0.0


MSTB as the certifying body for the Scheme is governed by the ISO/IEC 17065:2012. This is our assurance of professional quality software certification. It also means that we guarantee confidentiality regarding your software and competence regarding our results.

To ensure impartiality and integrity of the Scheme, MSTB has three (3) committees (Certification Decision Committee, Impartial Committee and Complaints and Appeals Committee) consist of specifically selected members made up of practitioners and professionals from various sectors covering industry, academia and government agencies.

For more detail of roles of these committees, please refer to MSTB QS Product Certification Scheme v3.0.0, MSTB Impartiality Policy and MSTB Complaint and Appeal Procedure

For any complaints and appeals on MSTB QS Product Certification, please fill up MSTB Complaint and Appeal Form and email to us at qs@mstb.org

The software product will be tested by an accredited independent lab (MSTB or any other third (3rd) party appointed by MSTB) which meet applicable requirements of MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005, which is a standard used by testing and calibration laboratories.

Quality Assurance

In essence, QS-certified software reflects trustworthiness of the product against a set of internationally recognised standards. It fulfils the need for independent verification of the quality of the software.

For buyers and users, the benefits of buying certified software include:

  • Reduced risks by leveraging on expert validation by an independent and accredited organization

  • Assurance of software product quality before purchase

  • Protection against potential ‘hidden’ costs of using substandard software products

Certifying your software

Customers are becoming highly sophisticated and more discerning in selecting software – whether for personal use or for their businesses. They demand reliability, availability and integrity of software products and systems.

Trust is the key. Interests on the products can be quickly converted into sales if customers’ trust is gained. Independent verification of the quality of the product helps built that trust.

For software developers and vendors, having your software certified will help you to:

  • Gain your customer’s confidence

  • Get an internationally recognized Certificate of Quality

  • Improve the marketability of your software domestically and internationally

  • Strengthen your position in the marketplace

What Software Can Be Certified

To be eligible for certification, software products must be fully functioning with completed product and user documentations.

The QS Certification Scheme will cover most types of software including:

  • Security software

  • Embedded software

  • Hardware appliance software, and

  • Business software

However, certain types of software products may not be eligible for Certification, such as:

  • Software with simple function whose technical or economic value is minimal

  • Software that lacks universality as it is only operated in an isolated environment

  • Gambling software, and

  • Harmful software that may interferes with sound business activities

Act now!

The MSTB QS Product Certification Scheme is available. Your software deserves to get its quality certification.

The first step to take is to view and study materials as below.

Note: The latest version of the above documents take precedence over earlier versions. Please always refer to the latest version of the documents. Contact us via email info@mstb.org for verification.

Next step to take is to obtain the QS Jumpstart Pack from MSTB

The QS Jumpstart Pack will guide you through the application process. Several items would be needed for the certification test and they include:

  • The software product to be certified

  • Description of product
    • - for COTS software, this means the product information provided to customers which gives details of functions and product specifications
    • - for custom developed software (non-COTS), this means specifications including information about functions

  • User manual, and

  • Business registration card

License Price of the QS Jumpstart Pack

License Price List:

  • RM30,000 for software which IP is fully owned by Malaysian individuals or companies
  • US$10,000 for software which IP is not fully owned by Malaysian individuals or companies
  • The above pricing exclude any applicable taxes and incidental costs that may be incurred by MSTB in fulfilling the order.

    Introduction to Quality Software Video.

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