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Day Two (Conference Day)

0900 - 0915
Welcome speech by President of MSTB, Mastura Abu Samah
0915 - 0925
Keynote Speech by Minister in Prime Minister's Department, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
0925 - 0935
Keynote Speech by Director of the Economic Planning Unit, Dato' Noriyah Ahmad
0940 - 1020
Keynote Speech : Dave Miller, Software Quality Assuarance, FedEx, USA
Engineering Testability into Complex Systems: From Testers to Enterprise Architects
1020 - 1050
Morning break
1050 - 1130
Keynote Speech : Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering, USA
Today's Testing Innovation
1130 - 1210
Keynote Speech : Chris Rupp, International Requirement Engineering Board, Germany
Transforming Knowledge Into Code
1205 - 1235
Keynote Speech: Yasuharu Nishi, Nishi Lab, Department of Systems Engineering, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
How to Make a Quality Industry - From the Japan's Experiences and Perspectives
1235 - 1415
Lunch break
1415 - 1500
Keynote Speech : Rex Black, American Software Testing Qualification Board, USA
Satisfying the Stakeholders
1500 - 1630
Keynote Speech: Dr Lee, Soo-yeon, IT Evaluation Center, Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea
Software certification System using International Standard in Korea
1630 - 1700
Coffee break
1700 - 1730
Expert Panel Session: Bridging The Gap
Panels: Rex Black, Sigrid Eidh, Lee Copeland and Yasuharu Nishi
Moderator: Prof. Alvin Wong, University of Malaysia, Sarawak