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Sigrid Eldh
Principal Consultant, Ericsson Sweden

Sigrid Eldh is a well known leader in the software testing field. With a M.Sc. in Computer Science, a Technical Licentiate, and more than 25 years of practice she is now aiming for a PhD in test design techniques. She also holds a diploma as an Organization/Psychotherapy consultant. Having held many positions at Ericsson, HP, Governance and other type of companies, she is now working at Ericsson cross-company support for Process and Methods in Software Development, Integration and Verification. She was the co-founder of SAST, ASTA, ISTQB and SSTB. Through her work she has helped organizations, test managers and testers around the world to reach better quality.

Workshop C1: What a Tester Needs to Know
When testing software and systems of any form, there is some knowledge you as a tester need. Not only do you need to understand your role as a tester in the overall development process. You also need a grasp on the different project phases and test levels, and you must understand the consequences when doing them correctly – or when skipping them. Depending on your specific system, testing can be vastly different, meaning that both your approach and the types of failures you find are totally different. Therefore you as a tester must adapt your test. To become an excellent tester, you need great programming skills to understand how to automate your testing in an efficient way – similar to building a software system. This means you need to know not only your system under test, but operating systems, scripting languages, and different testing tools to build test suites. An excellent tester is always systematic, and therefore also uses automatic means to test efficiently, as well as utilizing test design techniques to implement test cases. Assessing where your maturity level in test is and finding ways to improve your tests and your test process are the goals of this workshop that will give you an excellent chance to succeed in your test career.

Workshop C2: Test Design Techniques
The core of test is how to create efficient and effective test cases. It is true that you cannot test all aspects of a real system, but it is possible with a reasonable effort and good know-how to make very high quality software. Depending on different goals of your test – and the type of system you test, many techniques can be used. This workshop has a deep foundation in practical testing from industry that requires such quality software systems – and is also based on the latest research in the area. What do we know about different test design techniques since more than 70 techniques exist? Which should you know well? We will explore a series of techniques that will yield safe results when applied correctly and discuss high risk usage techniques, such as error-guessing and exploratory testing. We will discuss the overlap of the naming and the synonyms and variants of a series of the different techniques, and combination of techniques in this workshop. Learn some new techniques and expand your test suites by giving you a better way to organize and approach your test case design in the future. This workshop will also help you when you are automating your test cases, since with very little effort you can build up a good approach. Bring your own lap-top and practice!

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