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Professor Jasbir Dhaliwal
Head, Software Testing Excellence Program (STEP),
University of Memphis, USA

Professor Jasbir Dhaliwal is Director of the Systems Testing Excellence Program at the FedEx Institute of Technology which is based at the University of Memphis, where he also serves as Professor and Chair of Information Systems. He is a graduate of the University of Malaya and holds master and doctoral degrees from the University of British Columbia in Canada. Over the years he has published many scholarly papers in the top research journals in information systems and has also consulted extensively to large software development and testing organizations in Asia, Europe and North America. The STEP initiative (step.memphis.edu) represents the largest international group of academic researchers focused intensively on advancing the science of software testing.

Tutorial D1: Requirements Testing: Use Cases to Test Cases
There have been increasing calls for software testing to break out of the "we are here to break the code" mind-set to also encompass the testing of other artifacts such as requirements, designs, configurations and architectures. Of these, the testing of requirements has proven to be a difficult challenge given the need to focus more intensively on validation instead of verification. This workshop revisits requirements testing and explores the adaptation of use case methods for capturing requirements as the basis for providing a sound base for test case generation. It focuses both on aligning the structural components of use cases with test cases for testing efficiencies as well as the derivational difficulties inherent in trying to naturally derive test cases from use cases.

Expert Panel Session: Mind The Gap

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