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Anu Arora
Principal SDET, Test Excellence, Microsoft USA

Anu Arora is a Knowledge Engineer on Microsoft's Engineering Excellence team. Anu has been in Microsoft for 8 years, where she worked as a Test Lead and a Test manager shipping various products before moving to Engineering Excellence. As a part of small team of instructors in testing for the entire company, she is responsible for the training and development of test leads and managers at Microsoft. She ensures that they have the learning resources and training to ship great products. She also drives company-wide initiatives related to the test discipline. These span in areas like engineering leadership, manager capability, internal tools, the career models and community events.

Tutorial D2: Quality Assurance (QA): 'Prevention is better than cure'
What is ‘Software testing’? What is ‘quality assurance’? What is ‘quality control’? While these terms are used interchangeably by many organizations, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of providing high quality software from day one.
This session starts with the difference between software testing, quality assurance and quality control and then a deep dive on the role of quality assurance organization in building a high quality product.
It is almost a mind shift and a skill shift of moving a QA team from bug detection to bug prevention and early bug detection. You will learn how to improve the overall quality of your software products by expanding the scope of your testing to include these prevention strategies


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